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At Templar Security, you and your family’s safety is always our top priority. Templar Security is here to put your mind at ease, let us worry about you and your family’s safety, so that you don’t have to. 

Our hands on customer service speaks for itself, because our clients stick with Templar Security for the long term. We have seen clients through multiple home and office moves, not only because of our excellent customer service, and commitment to making our clients happy, but also because the transition is made easy, due to our excellent customer service agents, and skilled technicians. 

Templar Security wants their clients to feel like they are making an informed decision about their security needs. We offer additional security and smart home options, and allow our clients to explore different and customized security packages. Each client has a different set of security needs, and smart home wants, and we want to allow our customers to pick and choose what is right for them. Together, we will help you create the best security system, and smart home to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. 

All of our packages come with 24/7 monitoring for emergency services including police, medical, and fire. Our monitoring company has a central station, which allows for a faster response time, which is always appreciated in an emergency situation. 

We are in the business of safety and security, therefor, we have products for the most basic security needs, for those who want protection, but with minimal cost, all the way to the top of the line security standards, for those who want additional measures taken to secure their home. 

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Additional Security Options 

  • door and window sensors

  • motion sensors

  • glass break sensors 

  • home security cameras with live streaming video (available for outdoors or indoors)

 Environmental Safety Options 

  • carbon monoxide detectors (monitored from central station)

  • smoke detectors (monitored from central station.)

Smart Home Technology

  • smartphone app where you can access your security system and smart home add-ons

  • tablet/computer access to your security system and smart home add-ons

  • locks, lights, temperature control from your app, tablet or computer for convenient access either when you’re at home, or away from home. 

*Free installation is available for your area*

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Contact us today at 888-551-0171 or sales@templarelectric.com